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I shall wear midnight – Terry Pratchett

Whenever I'm asked about Terry Pratchett's books I answer – You've got to either love it or misunderstand it. In any case I suggest reading the Discworld novels in their chronological order. That's the best way to observe how Pratchett developed and actually mastered his craft into what it is now.

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H.M.S. Surprise - Patrick O'Brian

Now that's a surprise! Just when he needed it the most Captain Jack Aubrey received his command on the Royal Ship. His life was getting colors again. And the color that was the most attractive in this particular moment was as gold as money paid for the prizes. Captain Aubrey was far from the thought of retirement, but he had some land plans in mind. Having that golden color on his side was truly important for the plans to come true.
But that wasn't the only surprise...

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